Founded & headquartered in San Jose California, the heart of Silicon Valley, GETAMOLDTEST.COM is the forefront leader in the mold inspection and testing industry. We’re always striving to be YOUR NUMBER ONE CHOICE FOR MOLD TESTING. In addition to mold testing, we also conduct water intrusion investigations, infrared thermal imaging and perform sewage screen testing for fecal bacteria. Because toilet back-ups, floods, plumbing leaks and mold can occur at any time, were here when you need us. Whether you just have a question or need advice on what to do and how to proceed, or you’re ready for us to inspect your property. Were here for you!

Some things to consider when choosing a Mold Inspection Company to inspect your property

Beware of Remediation Companies offering free or very low cost mold inspection and sampling or those that perform both services when their primary business and expertise is in the remediation industry and not in the mold consulting. Remember, they may have a vested interest in extensive remediation repairs of your property which can be very costly! Allow us to give you the peace of mind knowing we will provide you a non-biased complete and thorough inspection documenting the facts and findings outlining what needs to be done based on solid industry standards & guidelines

The IICRC S520 Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation (Chapter 10: Indoor Environmental Professionals and Assessments) Independence- It is preferable that the Indoor Environmental Professional be an unbiased resource. An Indoor Environmental Professional engaged to perform pre-remediation assessment or post-remediation verification should be independent of the mold remediator. In some jurisdictions, the law may require that the inspection and assessment function be performed by an individual or entity independent of the mold remediator.

Before you hire a mold inspector.

  • What are their hours and availability? Are they flexible to your schedule?
  • Are they local to your area or based in another state?
  • Do they have proper experience and training?


Who benefits by using our services?

Apartments Communities and Property Managers.  Do you have tenants complaining about musty odors or mold growth in bathrooms and around windows and have no trained staff or unsure how to respond? We have extensive experience working with apartment managers and tenants to resolve the issues…


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We are available when you need us, including evening, weekends and 24 hour emergency service and we serve all California.

Having conducted thousands of mold inspections on residential, commercial & industrial properties throughout California for more than a decade…



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