Amcor Rigid Plastics

A water supply line located inside of the Quality Control room sink base cabinet leaked which resulted in a minimal water intrusion impacting the cabinet and flooring. The management was concerned about the potential for rapid Mold Growth within their clean work environment. GETAMOLDTEST.COM was retained to provide mold air testing in order to ensure toxic mold was not present in order to bring peace of mind to the office staff.

Check Cashing Centers

A second floor toilet backed-up and contaminated water overflowed throughout the building, resulting in extensive water damage and disruption of daily work activities. The water damaged building materials were removed. The company owner requested GETAMOLDTEST.COM inspect the building and perform mold and bacteria sampling to ensure the safety of the office staff and clients before returning to the previously affected areas.

Bella Vista Apartments

When a tenant vacated their unit the maintenance staff entered the apartment and discovered heavy mold growth on the bedrooms walls. GETAMOLDTEST.COM was retained to conduct mold testing and provide recommendations for remediation of the affected areas to ensure the safety of the new tenants prior to reoccupying the apartment.

Bloomingdales Department Store

Water damage and mold growth was discovered on the ceiling above the Men’s Fragrance Area. The water damage was determined to be associated with a drain line from a movie theater which is located directly above. GETAMOLDTEST.COM was contacted and requested to conduct mold and moisture testing and to provide recommendations for remediation of the affected areas as well as to consult with the contractor to ensure the safety of all personnel.

Easy Street (condominium)

During a plumbing retrofit of the building, a local plumbing contractor opened walls and exposed a substantial amount of mold growth. The contractor was requested to cease all work. GETAMOLDTEST.COM was contacted and requested to conduct mold airborne testing within the four affected units. The microbial airborne levels were determined to be elevated with a mold known to be capable of producing mycotoxins.

Campbell Unified School District

Shortly after occupying five newly constructed Performing Arts Center’s some staff members experienced some undetermined illnesses and expressed concerns as to the health of the newly constructed buildings.
GETAMOLDTEST.COM was retained by the architect and school district in order to conduct a visual inspection and odor investigation within the buildings to determine if mold is present or noticeable odors that may be normally associated with mold or chemicals. Newly painted walls, covered seating and carpeting were determined to be “chemical off-gassing” requiring the building to be “flushed-out”

Hampton Inn & Suites

During routine cleaning of the suites, maids began noticing “pink” colored stains on wallpaper in various rooms on and around the window walls. The hotel was newly constructed about 2009 and no plumbing leaks were reported to management. Fearing a major mold infestation, GETAMOLDTEST.COM was retained to conduct mold air testing and thermal imaging in order to locate potential water intrusions sources and plumbing leaks.

SuperGen (Pharmaceutical Research Facility)

An ice machine water supply line ruptured during the weekend causing a flood throughout the building. Water and mold damaged walls were subsequently removed. Due to the sensitive nature of the research facility and in order to ensure the safety of the employee’s, GETAMOLDTEST.COM was requested to conduct independent mold air testing.

San Francisco County Jail

Jail inmates protesting “clogged” their toilets with sheets, resulting in a major flood affecting the lower floor court rooms and offices. GETAMOLDTEST.COM was requested to test the water for harmful bacteria.

Dr. Kaplan’s’ House

A tree root obstructing the main sewer line resulted in toilet back-ups that released contaminated sewer water throughout the home. A local specialized sewage removal contractor discarded the contaminated building materials and sanitized and detailed cleaned the exposed wall and floor areas with a biocide. GETAMOLDTEST.COM was contacted by Doctor Kaplan and requested to provide surface bacterial testing to ensure no potentially harmful bacteria were present.

Absinthe Brasserie & Bar

GATEAMOLDTEST.COM was contacted by the management when an ongoing “Musty” odor was detected within the bar area of the building. It was determined to be due to mold growth that occurred when a water supply line “ruptured” in the sub-area. After a specialized cleaning and sanitizing procedure of the mold contaminated areas, conducted mold air testing to ensure that the mold spore counts were acceptable prior to the restaurants clients and patrons utilizing the facility.

Comfort Suites

Extensive mold growth hidden behind wallpaper was discovered in several suites when water staining began to appear during periods of heavy rain. GETAMOLDTEST.COM was retained by the building manager and requested to locate the water intrusion source and determine the extent of mold infestation.